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    The Paut Neteru (divinities)


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    The Paut Neteru (divinities)

    Post  Admin on Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:43 pm

    The Kametic Neteru (divinities) like most of the traditional religions of Africa, believed in One Supreme Being that was able to manifest
    Itself in a multitude of other living beings


    Some people already understand the 'one true God' and it's aspects, as do I, but I have no problem acknowledging the Ancient deities as God-like superior beings at the same time.
    What matters to me is the relation they bear to the rest of us, and the understanding afforded to others by the terms, God and Goddess. When I state the name of a deity other than source/almighty/one true god, etc, I am not replacing what any believer knows, that there is only one. I am addressing some aspect or facet. That is why my beliefs are what they are, yet ultimately, I am still directing at the same source of all as anybody else is. It's easy enough to grasp.

    Were people to actually open up and understand this, the worlds people could be a lot closer.

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