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    Divine love


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    Divine love

    Post  Admin on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:20 am

    "While divine love can be called perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal, it cannot correctly be characterized as unconditional."
    I think that depends on your experience of it tbh. My personal experience of the Divine easily over-rides anything I was taught, simply because what I was taught does not comply with what I experience directly.
    It doesn't matter who they are, no mortal knows me as God does. No mortal directs me on matters of the soul. Only God or it's agents can do that. I will listen to what's said by others, but the end decision is mine, based on what is inside me.

    God's love is unconditional, though not blind. It follows the middle path.x


    Between the Masculine and Feminine, as well as of them.

    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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