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    'Holy Spirit' is not the same as 'Shakti' or 'Kundalini'


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    'Holy Spirit' is not the same as 'Shakti' or 'Kundalini'

    Post  Admin on Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:37 pm


    Yes it is. The article is short on facts, and uses the bogus info that is the current trend. The truth is much harder to find. Easy to see why the article exists then.

    Christian rebirth by the Holy Spirit is far more reserved, though the same, empty result.

    Hindu rebirth is the same of course, but it's been torn and mutilated into some free for all. So sad that such a beautiful religion is being defamed and destroyed in this way. Twisted into a trend, as I said. In fact, the process, and parts of it, have made it's way into evil, and places you would not imagine. Such is the power of desire in the human ego. If you ask, the ego will provide. Trouble is, how do you know it's real....

    "If you say some prayers it can help..." Do a few 'good turns'... What? Have these people never heard of the good Samaritan?
    Empty gestures don't work.

    Yoga, et al...
    If you stick at it, and depending on your own disposition. You will almost certainly find what is called, 'enlightenment', or 'higher consciousness'. Seems most do. What that means is up to you. It was you that instigated it all, so you get what you wanted, right? Within the constraints of the ego of course, since you will not be above it, but totally bound by it.

    You will not be purified in the Divine sense. Your 'blockages' will not be removed. *(Blockages are permanent 'scars' that are the result of serious or extreme events in ones totality of incarnations that damage the spirit, as it were. They are a constant 'thorn'. A blocked Heart Chakra for example, may cause the effect that love is not understood. Or cannot be given, nor accepted.
    It follows that rather more authority than that of mortal man is required to correct them.)*

    If you believe it is God's will, then don't you think it's odd that practically anybody is laying claim to being Divine after a bit of Yoga and meditation?

    No. It is 'opened' to you when the time is right. Don't bother looking for it... You will only find the 'common, or garden' type alternative that falls far short.
    Then again, maybe you will be satisfied with that. Seems in some cases, anything as long as it can be claimed, and added to the repertoire, perhaps?

    "In Christianity, though the Holy Spirit is also “within” the human, there is a strong emphasis on the descent from above or outside."
    The 'descent' occurs at the beginning of life. Thereafter, only upwards.

    "But Shakti, being all-pervading, obviates dependence on these; its experience can be discovered by going within through yoga."
    I'm afraid not. Yoga has no connection to Kundalini. It is purely human driven, and no connection to the Divine. Basically over-blown egos, or mis-led followers/teachers.
    It is notable that a 'Spiritual Master' is the usual recommendation. Sounds like dependance to me.

    "Hinduism easily embraces the fierce, dark Kali alongside the nurturing Parvati. Christianity's emphasis on good/evil dualism results in fear of possession by evil spirits."
    Nope. Try Satan..

    Firstly, Kali is not dark. Kali is still God. Just as the Holy Spirit is. Just a different form for a different purpose. Hasn't God use ArchAngel warriors to destroy 'his enemies'?
    The Bible lists the flooding of the whole world. Fire and brimstone. The seven plagues... Where does that figure in 'duality'...
    It would appear Christianity is closer in relation to Parvati/Kali than it is made to look.

    In any case, Kundalini has a bad name as far as 'evil spirits' are concerned. Obviously, if you do something bad, and label it with the wrong description, the true article takes the fallout. It's not rocket science, and it's a massive problem related to this post and claims made by people.

    As a word, 'Kundalini' is almost a houshold name where spiritual, and indeed, sexual matters are concerned. It's attactive to people looking for that missing spiritual something. It is used in ridiculous circumstances.

    Like shaktipat, or guru-awakened kundalini, Pentecostal experiences can involve extreme bodily responses triggered by a charismatic leader.
    Surely you don't believe in that display?

    Shakti cannot be domesticated.
    You mean controlled? Plenty of Kundalini 'experts' would not agree.

    So the suggestion is that the Holy trinity can be tamed in Christianity? I hope that isn't what is being implied at all, but it could be. It's a very poor choice of words that was used....

    Between the Masculine and Feminine, as well as of them.

    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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