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    Shiva and Shakti


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    Shiva and Shakti

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:21 pm

    SHIVA symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle.
    SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy.
    All this 'force fed' nonsense about consciousness is just that. Patriarchal nonsense. It is pointless without the balancing principal. The Mother Goddess. No progress is possible without them both. No mortal can balance them both. Nor is one aware of them.

    Next time you see an 'enlightened being', ask them what they know about it, and if they are..... Then again, if they are truly what they say they are, such a state would be inconspicuous and they wouldn't be telling. So you wouldn't know in the first place... Bit of a conundrum.


    Between the Masculine and Feminine, as well as of them.

    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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