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    Unconditional Love: How to Give It and How to Know When It's Real


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    Unconditional Love: How to Give It and How to Know When It's Real

    Post  Admin on Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:09 pm

    with the satisfaction being that feeling you get when you act a certain way for them, not when someone else acts a certain way to you. This becomes a pure act of generosity.
    Behaviour? This is not unconditional. This is still based in 'transaction'.
    Unconditional love has no 'satisfaction' value. Being 'unconditional' is not something done for any reason. It is the highest, purest love. It happens unconsciously. Nobody can tell you how to give it.
    There are no such feelings 'you get' as you go about being allegedly, unconditionally loving.

    Unconditional love means you tell them the truth with gentle, kind communication and you are there, without judgement, to see them to the other side.
    No it doesn't. A true friend can do that.

    To love someone unconditionally does not mean that the act of that love is always going to be easy or feel comfortable.
    You see? That's a condition. It has no place.

    Unconditional means without attachment. Do you love your family? Detachment means the family you were born into is no more.your family. At the simplist level, you will love every member of the human race in the same manner as you do them. All will be equal in your eyes, and heart, no matter what they do, or have done. Just because you never met or saw them makes no difference. They may be a murderer for all you know. It will change nothing.
    This does not mean they can do no wrong. Every action has a reaction, and if you think unconditional means being blind to wrongdoing, you are mistaken. This means you are being weak, and out of balance. All wrongs have to be paid back in one way or another. That is how the Divine do it.
    As above, so is below.x

    There is no perfect, simple way to love without conditions.
    Yes there is. Unconditional, AKA, Divine love. This will be instilled when the time is right.

    The article is at best, describing mindfullness. A rewarding way to live, but not unconditional by any means.


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    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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