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    What is Enlightenment?


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    What is Enlightenment?

    Post  Admin on Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:22 pm

    So, what you call “enlightenment” means a conscious self-annihilation.
    It certainly does not. Nor is that possible. Unless you mean of course, yoga. This is mentioned, as usual, as if it's the route to everything. None of it matters. 'Seeker' is a misnomer. You will never consciously find it.

    We don’t want to deny anyone enlightenment just because they don’t know it. We want to create a taste of another dimension so that they will seek it.
    As if 'we' could deny anybody. 'We' is just a human. This is the superiority raising it's head, and enlightened beings know superiority is something easily avoided.
    This is the problem with the word, 'enlightenment'.It means anything you wish depending on your view of yourself. Much like the equally abused, 'awakening'.

    We're all equal, though some would like you to think you are so helpless and lost that you will never evolve without one of their crutches, and to cap it all, enlightenment is just another dimension?
    btw, when will God appear in all this enlightenment nonsense. Isn't being face to face and knowing your creator what enlightenment truly is?....


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