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    Why Minds Are Not Like Computers


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    Why Minds Are Not Like Computers

    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:32 am

    The Turing Test is not a definition of thinking, but an admission of ignorance — an admission that it is impossible to ever empirically verify the consciousness of any being but yourself.
    Computers are numb. They follow only what they are told. fx,A computer will not stop it's processing list and 'daydream' unless such instructions to cause an imitation of this to happen are specifically written into the system. Even then, when such should occur is conditional. Random happenings are an instruction loaded beforehand, so don't count.

    Every time I come to my computer I have to log in manually. I can teach it to 'auto-logon' of course, and easily, but It is my instruction that accomplished that. It wasn't devised by the hardware on it's own 'intelligence', just as deleting the instructions will prevent the login from working afterwards.
    Were it a person doing the login for me, the login would work in the simplist possible way, for the foreseeable future should I wish it. I don't even have to specif to the human doing the login of my specific instruction. A simple indication that I might want to do something not related to actual computer use is sufficient for the login to be executed. The computer is none the wiser.

    It seems like it would be relatively straightforward, then, to replicate the neuron’s input-output function on a computer, scan the electrical signals of a person’s brain, and boot up that person’s mind on a suitably powerful computer.

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