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    Am I Bisexual?


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    Am I Bisexual?

    Post  Admin on Thu May 03, 2018 7:00 am

    What is Bisexuality?
    We call this our "Bisexuality FAQ", but you may notice there's not many questions on it. In truth the most commonly asked questions are "Are you sure?" and "Am I?" - but the answers to those are quite short - yes and you tell me.

    Thinking about the people you've been attracted to, so far in your life, were they all of the same gender?

    Also: bisexual tendencies in the chart
    Also, just about everyone is bisexual to some degree, whether conciously or unconciously

    And even this:
    Most are fundamentally bisexual, and both sexes often remain attractively gender-fluid (Pisces)
    This has something to do with balance of forces within the individual, If you ask me...

    Between the Masculine and Feminine, as well as of them.

    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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